Liability Statement

LIVON, LLC, organizer or its affiliates, partners, suppliers, or licensors will not be liable for any bodily injury or direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exemplary damages arising out of or in connection with your participation in WalkOn and LivOn, LivOn Survivors Day, Journey Camp, National Cancer Day or any other activity whether or not the injury or damages were foreseeable and whether or not participant was advised of the possibility of such injury or damages. We invite you to participate only to the extent that you can do so safely.

LivOn, LLC makes no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind or nature, express or implied with respect to coaching, guidance, LivOn Journey Camp, and the LivPathway© services negotiated, agreed upon and rendered. In no event shall LivOn, LLC be liable to the Client for any indirect, consequential or special damages. Notwithstanding any damages that the Client may incur, LivOn, LLC’s entire liability under this Agreement, and the Client’s exclusive remedy, shall be limited to the amount actually paid by the Client to LivOn, LLC under an Agreement for all services rendered through and including the termination date.