Keep Calm and Call a Cancer Coach

Daily life is full of all kinds of challenges, so when something like cancer gets added to the mix, it can become overwhelming, especially with no immediate solution in sight. No matter how strong you are, it can be difficult to navigate this journey alone. That’s where a cancer coach comes in.   

Cancer coaching isn’t just for patients—Why? Because this isn’t a journey someone can go on alone, and loved ones often take on as much as they can in an effort to be supportive, without realizing the detriment it might be causing to their own mental health and wellness. When you seek the guidance of a cancer coach, you can start to take the pressure off and focus on how to best focus on your healing.

The benefits of cancer coaching

First and foremost, the cancer coach prioritizes the unique needs of the patient. This type of work is meant to empower you to make decisions and strengthen your relationships as you navigate this challenging journey. Your sessions can focus on:

  • Mastering effective problem-solving techniques.
  • Practicing new and proven techniques to foster open and honest communication.
  • Identifying each person’s unique strengths and how they can be applied to coping strategies.
  • Receiving consistent guidance as any new questions and challenges arise.
  • Getting support during and after your journey.

When you partner with a cancer coach, you open a whole new window of opportunity for natural pathways to healing. For instances in which you might see struggles, your coach identifies areas of strength, and will help you to gain insight in making decisions.  

It’s possible that when you are able to decrease the noise of daily stress, you can focus more on important decision-making and planning. It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos when you’re dealing with something so uncertain, and our cancer coaches are professionally trained to help you get through your journey by providing a tailor-made pathway to healing.

Coaching with LivOn, LLC

JoLanda K. Harris founded LivOn with the intention of improving the lives of anyone who might be affected by a cancer diagnosis. While patients are the main focus, caregivers, significant others and family go through their own set of struggles, and may also need support.   

The one-on-one partnership coaching is a three-to-six-month coaching program and provides you with a host of resources for your mental, emotional and spiritual journey. Resources include:

  • Cancer Journey™ and LivPathway© Materials
  • 60-minute relationship session
  • 45-minute coaching sessions a month
  • Strength assessments
  • Support between sessions

In-The-Moment coaching is a service for those who cannot engage in three-to-six months of coaching and need to address an immediate need. In-the-Moment coaching will help to put you in a better space quickly.   

You can expect complete flexibility when it comes to scheduling your sessions. After all, this is all about making your life more manageable.  Contact us today for a consultation.