Staying Positive While Navigating Your Cancer Journey

If you or your loved one is dealing with a cancer diagnosis, you might feel like it’s impossible to remain positive. Something so uncertain can be overwhelming for even the most strong-minded people. It’s normal to give yourself some grace to experience the emotions that come along with your diagnosis. However, you don’t have to go through the emotions alone, and take the necessary time to redirect your thoughts into a more positive outlook.

When it comes to your mindset, that is something you can control, so why wouldn’t you take that opportunity to redirect your thought process for an improved healing of the mind? Sometimes negative thoughts can cause increasing stress levels and have a negative impact on our mind and body.

The power of positivity

It’s no secret that positive thinking generally encourages positive results. While this isn’t a cure for a disease, it can certainly have a direct impact on your experience as you navigate your way through this journey. There are plenty of studies that suggest patients benefit tremendously from positive reinforcement and emotional support. Some of these benefits include:

  • Lessened side effects
  • Faster recovery
  • Higher chance of avoiding recurrence
  • Increased rate of survival

While this isn’t a fool-proof method of treatment, it can certainly make your experience more tolerable, and could potentially have a significant impact on one’s diagnosis. It can be very isolating to wrestle with a cancer diagnosis, therefore, improving our thoughts is the first step to a positive journey.     

Cancer coaching with a positive outlook in mind

One of the best ways to keep your mindset on track is by getting advice from a professional. Having a cancer coach can be a positive resource for anyone who is or has been affected by cancer. Whether you are a patient, partner, family member, or friend, there are ways to make this experience a little easier.

Cancer coaches often have experience with cancer themselves, which is important when it comes to a disease that is so uniquely isolating and uncertain. LivOn provides unique and individualized techniques to help those affected by cancer. Romantic partners can get specialized support to learn how to better support their diagnosed partner, parents, friends, and other loved ones.  

LivOn was created by a survivor, JoLanda Harris, who has a mission to educate and empower others about the cancer journey and how to live positively during and after cancer. Services include one-on-one Partnership coaching, In-the Moment coaching, Performance Guidance and LivOn Journey Camp for survivors. Let’s navigate your cancer journey together.