My Services

My services are customized to the specific needs of a patient, survivor, caregiver and family member. Each service will reveal unique tools and concepts to help you travel your own journey. As these tools and concepts are integrated into your daily life, you will have a renewed spirit and sense of power.

Personal Coaching

I offer two 2 services for personal coaching; “Partner Coaching” a 3 to 6-month service
and “In the Moment Coaching” an as you need it service.

Partner Coaching

This one-on-one partnership is a 3 to 6-month coaching program. The coaching is conducted via phone.

The one-on-one service is created to meet you where you are, provide the personal attention, support and time you will need to address your present circumstances and introduce coping mechanisms and structures that will be effective today and in the future.

It is important to take time for you to discover and understand all the ins and outs of your cancer journey then progress to a place where you are ready to be on your own. The minimum engagement for this service is 3 months.

What’s in the “Partner Coaching”:

  • Cancer Journey ™ materials
  • One 60 minute relationship session
  • Three 45 minute coaching sessions a month
  • Strength assessment
  • Email support between coaching sessions

The Perks of “Partner Coaching”:

  • The service is tailored to fit you
  • The full attention of your coach
  • Flexibility to work with your schedule

In the Moment Coaching

This service is a coaching session to address your current needs.

In the moment coaching is created for those who cannot engage in 3 months of coaching and want to be coached when they need it. This service is slightly higher in cost, but it will help put you in a better place and a positive state of mind – in the moment.