Panic to Powerful ™ Workshop

The workshop is a series that will explore and utilize the S.L.A.M.S. tools in order to assist you in reaching your power while traveling your cancer journey. The participants will be equipped with viable tools and discover how these tools are applicable and can be applied immediately to their own lives. Workshops are conducted in person.

The “Panic to Powerful ™” Workshop is a series of six 2 hour sessions, conducted in person. I will teach tools from the S.L.A.M.S. program and how to implement them into your daily life. When we don’t know what to do next because we are overwhelmed, afraid depressed, angry and/or terrified, we become paralyzed. When we are paralyzed by panic and thinking irrationally, it is helpful to have tools that keep us grounded and on track. The S.L.A.M.S. technique will help you through your cancer journey and guide you out of Panic and move you toward your Power.


  • S – Stopping what’s the panic
  • L – Locate where you are
  • A – Activate who you are
  • M – Make it real
  • S – Select choose powerfully

This program will put you on the path to Power.

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